Fun Aerobics and Yoga Workshop for Kids



Ray Academics
21 Bank Square Market, Model Town

DATE & Timings:

Saturday, 9th Sept, 2017


Kindly arrive 10 mins earlier for payments and procedures.

Age group:

8 to 12 year olds



Ray Academics introduces fun aerobics exercise and yoga workshop for happier and confident children. We would like to familiarize children with healthy Yoga poses, breathing exercises and fun easy dance to encourage skills of focus, mindful reflection and to improve physical strength and stamina in their daily activities.

Join us for an hour of fun filled exercise workshop on Saturday, 9th Sept @ 3.30 pm 

Entry Fee:

Rs 500 per child

Tickets will be available upon arrival of child or payment is accepted in advance to secure the spot. 

Pick-up time: 4.30pm sharp 

Seat limit: Please register online to secure your spot. Your child may be refused if we have reached our limit. 

Registration for the Workshop:

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