The Wish list Reading program 

...where your reading wishes come true

Reading is one of the most relaxing and beneficial activities that a person could indulge in. However, parents are forced to take children to bookstores to buy books because there are no libraries in town. If the children don't like the book then they feel pressured to read it since their parents took so much time out to take them to a bookstore and invest in buying a book for them. Forced reading robs children from the love of reading. While young adults also feel guilty when they find it hard to finish reading a book after purchasing it. They wonder if they made the right decision in purchasing the book altogether. 

There is a quiet retreat available for children and young adults at Ray Academics. The choice of titles purchased for this project are based on the reading wishes of  children and young adults. When a student joins us, we purchase at least one book exclusively according to the child's reading wish. This way the titles that are the readers' choice are made available in the library. You can tell us about your reading wishes here so we can stir up some reading magic at Ray Academics.

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