The Magic of Watercolors


The magic of Watercolors

A comprehensive painting weekend course designed with the learner in mind taught by Ms Shamaila Shahryar

This course is designed for beginner artists and will expose the learner to the basic materials, tools and the application techniques of the medium.

Week 1

An introduction to the following:

  • Color theory including the color wheel,

  • Color types

  • Relationships and schemes

  • Neutrals

  • Color value

Week 2

An overview of the following:

  • Watercolor paint composition

  • Watercolor papers and brushes

  • Watercolor painting tips.

Week 3 & 4

Watercolor Application Techniques including but not limited to:

  • Flat wash

  • Gradations

  • Wet on wet

  • Wet on dry

  • Dry brush

  • Lifting color

  • Dry on wet

  • Scumbling

  • Glazing

  • Applying salt, e.t.c

  • Beginners Final Painting Project.