Summer Camp
Children and Young Adults

Ages 6-14

Starting May 28th!

Summer days are alive and fun at Ray Academics. Learning becomes an enjoyable task with our activity based instruction and our little reading retreat on the top floor. Our library is very special because the titles have been requested by our students themselves, the quiet corner remains a popular spot at Ray Academics.

Improvement in language can only be made if the problem areas are identified. The Summer Camp is an individualized activity-based instruction. The students' work is analyzed and modification in instructional materials and course design is made accordingly.The teaching strategies used in the course are according to the learner-styles of the students.  Early registration is recommended to allow time for this whole process to take place. 

Please note: We have limited spots and admissions are closed once we reach our group limit. 

Summer Camp for Children

Make this summer more productive and fun for your child with our Summer Camp. Language learning is fun with our activity-based instruction and hands-on learning for our English language Activities are based on their favorite characters such as Harry Potter, Horrid Henry, Big Nate, Dairy of a Wimpy Kid and many others. We have thematic units based on the students interest so that that summer camp is an enjoyable learning experience.

Creative Writing Course (3 weeks)

Course Dates: May 28th-June 14th

**Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Timings: 10am-11:00am

Age Group: 7-10 yearolds

Course Description: This is a small-group three week creative writing course that develops creative writing in 7-10 year olds.

This course will explore narrative writing:

-Idea generation -Development of story -Characterization -Beginning, middle & end of story -Vocabulary ** Information about the instructor:

Charges: 7,000 Group limit: 7-8**

Certificates will be awarded to the students for the completion of this program

Summer Camp Ages 7-10 Years


**June Session: 11:00am-12:30pm (Closed)

July Session: 11:00am-12:30pm**

Age group: 7-10 yearolds


Monday: Reading Comprehension

Tuesday: Vocabulary & Grammar

Wednesday: Creative Writing

Thursday: Creative Writing

Reinforcement acivities will be included in the sessions such as vocabulary games, specific learning quizes, online activities etc to help children understand various concepts.There are related learning activities at the end of each session to make learning a rewarding experience for the students. However, there is an outcome of these courses and hence there will be a course that will be followed for the children. This program includes Arts and Crafts, science experiments, character development, groomins are included as apart of the course as part of the English Language unit (this is according to the students interests and may not be applicable to all). Extra-curricular links help in holistic learning and reinforcing concepts. All written work by students will be reviewed for publication in Ray Academics's magazine.

Rs 10,000 per month

Additional Components:

Advanced courses are available for the following:

a) Creative Writing

b) Reading Program

Summer Camp ages 11-14

July Session: Days: Monday to Thursday Timings 1:00-2:30pm

Course: English Language Comprehensive Course

This is a remedial course for all components that the student needs assistance in. An analysis of the errors are being made and a course is designed accordingly to improve English Language ability.

Charges: 12,000


English Language O level (Intensive)

Components Covered: Testing Techniques

  • Time Management
  • O level Vocabulary Words
  • Writing techniques as per the requirements of O level Examination
  • Past Paper Completion: 8-10 (according to student level)**

Charges: 12,000 Materials: Rs 1000

Specialized Art Camp

Specialist Art Classes Summer Art Camp

Ages 7-10 & 11-14

Charges: Rs. 10,000

Some major materials will be provided by Ray Academics, the rest should be brought by the kids as they would want to make their own art specialised art pieces

Monday - Thursday 1st Slot: 11.00 am - 12.30pm 2nd Slot: 1.30pm - 3.00pm

Let your child’s creativity and imagination flow this summer! Summer Art camp at Ray Academics will provide children a wonderful platform to introduce them to several forms of visual art.

Each week there is a different theme which guides the art projects. Campers will create a variety of artworks including but not limited to drawings, paintings, clay, sculpture, collage and much more.

Art camps run from Monday to Thursday and carefull designed to offer students lots of choice, while incorporating a nice balance between challenging, creative, engaging, skill-based and fun


Please register online:

Please note only payment of course secures the spot 100% **We do not exceed our class limit. Registrations are now open.

Available timings for appointments:

Friday: Timings:

  • 6pm

Saturday: Timings:

  • 10:30am
  • 12:30pm
  • 3:00pm

Sunday: Timings:

  • 2:30pm

  • Please call or text 0302-8556771 to reserve your appointment or schedule another time if this these times are not conventient for you.

Topics, dates and timings are subject to change.*


Details about the instructors:

Bushra Ehsan:

Zahrah Ehsan:

More details on instructors are to follow


Session 1:

Week 1: 28th May to 31st May

Week 2: 4th June to 7th May

Week 3: 11th June to 14th June

Eid Week (Holidays)

Week 4: 25th June to 28th June

Session 2

Week 1: June 30th to July 5th

Week 2: July 9th to July 12th

Week 3: July 16th to July 19th

Week 4: July 23rd to July 26th

We reserve the right to deny admission if we have reached our class limit