Summer Camp


Be a Writer
Creative Writing Classes (ages 7-10 & 11-15):

Learn creative writing from the editor-in-chief of the magazine called, “The Creatives”. A magazine tailored to the interests of children and young adults. This summer we will be exploring different genres of writing. The students will be taught successful ways of starting and ending a story or essay.
They will learn techniques for brainstorming, especially if they get trapped in a writer’s block. They will also learn their editing skills to understand how minor and major elements of writing impacts the final product.

Vocabulary BoOST (Ages 7-10 & 11-15):

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world." -John Keating

Embrace the power of expression this summer by committing yourself to the accelerated vocabulary program at Ray Academics. Specialized vocabulary units will be used to equip students to improve the use of words in different contexts. Summer is the perfect time to develop this craft so that you can go back to school with improved vocabulary that you can apply in your work. These units not only assist you in the application of the new and better words but it also improves reading comprehension a great deal.


The best way to score well in an exam is to be well prepared. We will be doing 8 to 10 O level past papers this summer. We will be doing both IGCSE and GCE English Language papers. The students will do mock papers and a thorough analysis will be provided after the paper is graded. The examiner’s style of grading will be reviewed with the students to prepare them for their O level Exams. 

Hot Off the Press: A CouRse in Journalism (Ages 10-15):

Empower yourself by learning how to use your own voice to impact others. In this course, students will learn different forms of journalism such as blogging, article writing, interviewing etc. Students will experiment with different styles of learning and compile it in the form of a magazine. The students will be a part of a “real project” in which they will develop their writing skills and learn to finalize their work and have it press ready. This course will involve or contributing to making a video journal, YouTube Channel, interviews etc.

Instructor: Ms Bushra Ehsan
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Graphic Design Course (Ages 10-15): Photoshop

Creativity is just not writing and painting but it reflects in digital art. This course will teach the students how to use Photoshop extensively. Students will learn to create and design digital images and illustrations for print and Web publications. Students will be given assignments to learn how to make posters, memes, cover page, mug art etc. Beginning students will be shown the basic use of Photoshop such as using layers, masking making a clipping mask etc. Intermediate and Advanced group will be given more complex assignments to extend their skills. This is a differentiated course that opens the world of graphic design to our summer campers!

Instructor: Ms Bushra Ehsan
Profile Page of Instructor

Web site & e-Portfolio Making:

Electronic portfolio is an integral part of showcasing work that can be shared through a link. ePortfolio are an excellent way for the students to show their work in their college applications.

Art CAMP Ages 7-10 & 11-16:

Ms Zahrah Ehsan, scholarship holder in MA Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Arts from Alto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture from Helsinki, Finland. Zahrah was recently sent to London for a Research Project that culminated into a show in Finland. A group show of the art work also took place in Acud Galleria, Berlin. Zahrah will be visiting Pakistan this summer and will be doing a summer camp at Ray Academics. To find out more about Ms Zahrah Ehsan please visit her profile page.

Detailed description of Art Camp is available here

Instructor: Ms Zahrah Ehsan
Professional Experience: Pakistan, Finland
Profile Page of Ms Zahrah Ehsan


Younger Group:

Creative Writing & Vocabulary-Rs 11,000
Early Registration Discount: Rs 10,000
Art Camp: 11,000
Early Registration Discount: Rs 10,000

No registration or admission fee.

Older Group:

Creative Writing & Vocabulary Only- Rs 12,000
Early Registration Discount: Rs 11,000
Art Camp: Rs 12,000
Early Registration Discount: Rs 11,000

No registration or admission fee.

Other Discounts:

Creative Writing & 1 other course (except art): 17,000
Early Registration Discount: 15,000

2 courses other than Creative Writing (except art): 10,000
Early Registration Discount: Rs 9,000

No registration or admission fee.

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