Younger Group
Ages 7-8

First Prize: Zahra Abbas Khan- LGS13K Model Town, Lahore
Second Prize: Leila Raza Ali - IKL, Gulberg, Lahore
Third Prize: Isra Irshad-IKL, Gulberg, Lahore
Consolation Prize: Rania Burhan-IKL


Older Group
Age: 9 years old


First Prize: Karim Ahmed IKL, Gulberg, Lahore
Second Prize: Abdul Rafay Saad-LGS, Lahore
Third Prize: Iba Kazmi, Lahore School of Learning, Lahore
Consolation Prize: Ali Rahman, City School, Attock



First Prize: Ayesha Masood-Chand Bagh School, Muridke
Second Prize: Maheen Salman, SCIL, Lahore
Third Prize: Maha Nouman, LGS 30 Main, Gulberg, Lahore

Consolation Prize: Khadija Roomat Fatima, Chand Bagh School, Muridke


Writers Award of Appreciation: 
Damia Nouman-LGS 55 Main, Gulberg, Lahore