Art Programs 

Ray Academics is now offering several Art programs  for different age groups. These art programs have been designed by an emerging artist known for her abstraction in contemporary art. Zahrah Ehsan, the program head of our Art programs is currently working as visiting faculty in NCA. She is a lahore based visual artist in Pakistan she received her BFA with honors in 2013, with a concentration of Painting from National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan. She has exhibited in renowned galleries in the major cities of Pakistan and UAE. Zahrah returned her alma mater after graduation, where she is currently designing and teaching and a number of studio and theory based courses, including painting, drawing and art seminar.

Courses offered:

For Adults:

Therapeutic Art: 

Art therapy is a form of therapy that encourages creativity and self-expression as vehicles to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, increase awareness and help remedy trauma. While many other forms of therapy depend on verbal language to express feelings and overcome personal obstacles, art therapy allows for other, more abstract forms of communication. This tactic makes room for elements of the subconscious that perhaps are not yet ready or able to be verbalized come to the surface.

You do not have to be an artist to enjoy the benefits of art therapy. In fact, most of the exercises rely not on the final product you create but on the therapeutic, meditative ritual of the creative process. If you’re intrigued by the process of relaxation through artistic imagination, we’ve compiled a starter kit to get you on your way.

Drawing I:


Drawing II:

Pre-requisite: based on  entrance test or have already taken Drawing I

Test-prep Classes for NCA Admissions:

For Children:

Therapeutic Art

Drawing: Still Life Drawing

Arts & Crafts:

Photo Art: Photo gel. photograpjy