Ray Academics would like to give a platform to creative professionals so that people can benefit from their unique skills. This form has been developed to organize the workshops and assess the nature of subject-matter and methodology that the instructor would like to conduct.


1. You must send the online workshop form
2. You will send us a brief biography about your professional life at info@rayacademics.com
3. You will send us a black and white picture of yourself that can be used in our website or social media platforms
4. You will send in original pictures related to the workshop which will be used in marketing the workshop.


Terms and Conditions:

1. Ray Academics will assist in marketing your workshop through social media and other means

2. Staff will be provided by Ray Academics.

3. Cash collection will be done by Ray Academics and no participant will be allowed to attend for free.

4. 30% of the cash collected will be retained by Ray Academics while remaining 70% will be paid to the instructor



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