by Ahmed Farrukh
LGS Johar Town Branch

Remember, remember!
The 16th of December,
When kids, blithely, entered the school gate,
Unaware of their dreadful fate.

The lessons that day were interesting,
The students were quite hardworking,
All was well until the time came,
It was as if the intruders had no shame.

Seven heartless militants invaded,
With their guns fully loaded,
They opened fire at the innocent,
Who were not at all resistant.

One by one, children were shot,
Many were martyred by the heartless lot,
They gave their lives, clutching their pen,
The time was around ten.

Still open were their books,
Innocent were their looks,
The classrooms had no life, but death,
It was the dreadful fate the youngsters met.

Even the staff wasn’t spared,
Everyone was just too scared,
A lot of blood was shed,
Establishing an atmosphere of dread.

Blood was spilled like water,
Like lava coming out of crater,
Children who had years to live lay dead,
Covered in blotches of red.

To the terrorists, finally the bullets met,
As the army officials payed back their debt,
After many counter fights, the intruders lay dead,
Leaving behind tears to shed.

Every eye was wet,
Due to the fate the 141 martyrs met,
The loss was unrecoverable,
The terrorists were untraceable.

The incident unified the nation,
Government officials went for consolation,
Remember, remember,
The 16 th of December.