Staff Development Training


+ Educational Technology for Educators

This training workshop consists of various educational technologies that can be used in the classroom to optimize instruction. There are different ways in which integration of technology in the classroom can make learning more dynamic and engaging. In this session the trainer will show the educators how to use different apps with examples as well. Advanced options in this involves the use and application of LMS (Learning Management Systems), creating course websites, using applications specifically for students.

+ Gamification

Can students learn more through games? What kind of games can be used to enhance specific learning practices? This workshop gives an introduction to what kind of games are beneficial. There are several examples that will be shown with hands on activities.

+ Behavioral Management in the Classroom

How do you manage children who do not want to study? Students who thrive on distracting other children? In this workshop the teachers get training to manage tough classroom situations without raising their voice. Training will be scenario-based with examples to follow in similar situation

+ Differentitated Classroom

Each learner is different and all learners respons differently to the same type of instruction. In this workshop the teachers will learn to recognize different types of learners. They will also be taught how to analyse learning styles and how to create lessons incorporating all learning styles in a classroom.

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