Ms Ayesha Zahid
Math Specialist Teacher

Grade 6 to O’levels Mathematics & Additional Mathematics

Days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Thursday: 5:15pm-6:45pm
Friday: 5:30pm-7pm
Saturday: 12:30-2:00pm

Ms Aisha Zahid is an MPhil in statistics with mathematical statistics specialization from Kinnaird College for women, Lahore (2014-2016). During her degree she has developed an excellent eye for details due to heavy demands of assignments and research. Over the last year she has been working on mixture models in the field of statistics with their applications on real life datasets. She has been teaching mathematics and statistics at Intermediate level as a lecturer. She has also been teaching Additional Mathematics to O-Levels.

Aisha has received a Roll of Honor in MPhil Statistics (2017) with a GPA of 3.99. She has completed research in Mathematical Statistics “Family of Poisson Distribution and Applications”. And “Area Biased Poison Exponential Distribution with Applications”. She has two international publications in “BIOMETRICS & BIOSTATISTICS INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL” ( BBIJ ) and “INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICAL SCIENCES” (IJAMSS).

She was awarded with a Mentors acknowledgment award for services to Lahore Grammar College for Women in the field of Statistics and mathematics (2007). She has been involved in Curriculum design and development for Lahore Grammar College for Women. She has been a part of research and managing team for the event “world statistics day” at Kinnaird College for Women (2016). Aisha is currently working as a reviewer for the Medcrave Open Access Science Journal “BOMETRICS & BIOSTATISTICS INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL” (USA).

Aisha is a self-directed enthusiastic educator with a passionate commitment to student development, skilled in the design of challenging and innovative activities that address the diverse interest and needs of students. Possess outstanding communication skills, present information in a variety of ways, emphasizing relevance of class material to the world beyond the classroom. Active team member, who effectively collaborates with all levels of students, establishes quality relationships and a healthy working/learning environment.

Introductory Course Fee:

1 day a week: 7,000
2 days a week: 8,000
3 days a week: 10,000

Places of work include:

• Mathematics Teacher for Learning Alliance School (Class 8 & O-Levels)

• Lecturer in Statistics and Mathematics Lahore Grammar College for Women (F.A I & F.A II)