We use unique reading and learning strategies in our teaching put together by reading specialists. Our basic structure of our program is listed below. Our Reading Programs also provides excellent resources to students. Ray Academics will be offering access to a library with latest titles. 

Full Participation of Teacher

Independent Reading can not be taught to the reader with out the participation of the teacher. Teacher-guided reading and intervention is required from time to time in order for the child to finally emerge as an independent reader

Every reader has its own Path

There is no such thing as one-size fits all in reading.  Each child has its own pace and  interest and through support and encouragement the reader starts beginning to find comfort in reading. This eventually quickens the pace. 

Reading Environment

The ambience of an environment should be so inviting to the reader that it welcomes them to the world of reading.

"You can find Magic anywhere you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book."
-Dr Seuss

We make sure that the environment is comfortable and teacher facilitates with reading lessons and reading sessions are followed up by entertaining activities.

Talk around Your Texts

A meaningful discussion with your peers and teacher encourages the readers further to read more. The content becomes more important to them and all language concepts learnt find a more permanent place in their learning. Reading becomes and enjoyable and meaningful experience that individuals like to carry on as a lifelong experience.