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International Islamic Art Competition  

This competition is open for all children and young adults who can send us a digital image of the art that they have produced. The artists are encouraged to use their creativity in depicting the theme from any perspective within Islamic etiquette.Please note that submissions sent can be used in print and electronic publications such as The Creatives and other web publications by Ray Academics. Please note that plagiarized work (eg. copying from internet, claiming as someone else's work as yours etc.) will result in banning from all competitions and publications at Ray Academics. 

Islam, is an inspiring faith for many. Any type of artistic expression that reflects the beauty of the religion. Beauty created by Allah is highlighted and emphasized in many Surahs in the Quran. Some Ayaat have been quoted from Surah Rahman for the purpose to inspire inner artistic abilities to express their love for Art. Please note, this competition welcomes traditional and abstract art as free creative expression.


  1. Any artistic expression of Islam

    “And the stars and trees prostrate.” (55:6)

  2. landscape or any representation of nature

    “[He is] Lord of the two sunrises and Lord of the two sunsets.” (55:17)

  3. Abstract

    “He released the two seas, meeting [side by side].” (55:19)

  4. Any Ayat or Hadith of your Choice

    “So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?” (55:18)

  5. Quilling

  6. Calligraphy- Arabic

  7. Calligraphy-English

  8. Floral

  9. Motif/Geometrical Pattern


Age groups:

6 years

7-9 years

10-12 years

13-16 years

(Art work will be judged according to their age group)



Winning participants outside Pakistan will be delivered prizes through or by our representative


Winning entries will receive gifts and certificates


Winner and shortlisted artists and writers will be published in our monthly magazine, "The Creatives", social media of Ray Academics and in our website


Rs 500 for Pakistan
All other counties (please contact us at

No. of Entries accepted per participant (Per Category):


Residence of Participant:


Types of Work accepted:

The competition is open for any artistic medium including but not limited to: digital art, pastel, oil painting, water colors, charcoal, pencil.

1. Medium (materials used): Any

2. Size of Art work: Not smaller than 5” x7”and less than 11”x17”

3. Submission is in digital form (send us a clear image of your work-file type: JPEG)


Submit image of your work online at
(Image must be high resolution)

One email per participant is accepted (if you are sending 2 images then you must attach it in one email)

Subject line of the email must be as follows

artwork by -------

You must fill the online form below to be accepted. You must email your submissions to
Please note that your work will be checked for plagiarism. 

All submissions must include the following information: Name, Age, Contact Phone and Email, Postal Address,

Artists are encouraged to show the artwork in person to the representative assigned for that specific region/country

Last date of Submission:

June 20th, 2018

Announcement of prizes: 

Winners will be announced on Facebook and Instagram (@rayacademics)

Bank Transfer Information:

Bank Transfer/Online Payment Information:

Account Title:  Ray Academics
Account No. 02870103269601
Bank: Meezan

(Kindly send a screenshot via whatsapp to 0302-8556771 with the name of participant)

Please contact us for US Bank information  

Information about Islamic Art:

The Nature of Islamic Art

Muslim Heritage

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