Writing Course for Adults

Online Course or Blended Course

This writing course has been designed for intermediate non-native speakers of English who have significant experience with the language. It is aimed at helping students understand and practice types of writing needed for most professions. This course focusses on a range of writings including formal texts such as proposals, project transitioning to more informal means of written communication. Course work includes vocabulary, sentence structure, sentence-level problem sets, paragraph organization. 


+ Course Outline

The course will be composed of most or all of the following subjects, depending on the choice of course and the class needs. The instructor reserves the right to add or delete subjects according to class needs.

  • Rhetorical positioning (audience, story, purpose, organization, style, flow, presentation)
  • The construction of logical arguments
  • Reader-oriented writing (register, tone, precision, clarity, grammar)
  • Composing v editing
  • An understanding of different genres
  • Other professional writing:
  • critiques
  • requests for funding
  • bio-data statements
  • CV Writing
  • Blogs
  • Different types of Essay Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Writing summaries
  • Formal style and vocabulary
  • Formal style and grammar
  • Punctuation

Please email at info@rayacademics.com for the course outline and more information on creative writing

+ Resources

Resources will be available online through LMS. Your intructor will let you know of any additional resources if they are required.