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Independence Day

Art Competition

This Art Competition is being held to commemorate Pakistani Art and other beautiful artifacts of our country. This competition aims at beautifying patriotic fervor with true artistic ability. This competition is open for all children and young adults who can send us a digital image of the art that they have produced. Please note that art work can be used in print and web publications by Ray Academics. Winner will be expected to show original piece in order to receive the certificate and gift. Please note that plagiarized work (eg. copying from internet, claiming as someone else's work as yours etc.)will result in banning from all competitions and publications at Ray Academics. You must tag two persons on Instagram or Facebook to be included in the competition.


Age group:

6 years-16 years




Winning entries will receive gifts and certificates


Winner and shortlisted artists will be published in our monthly magazine, "The Creatives"



No. of Entries accepted per participant:


Residence of Participant:

Any country

Media & Size:



Submit image of your work online at
(Image must be high resolution)

One email per participant is accepted (if you are sending 2 images then you must attach it in one email)

Subject line of the email must be as follows artwork by -------

You must fill the online form on this page to be accepted

Email your submission to

Last Date of Submission:

August 18th, 2018



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If you are entering the cell number within Pakistan please omit the '0' in the number. For instance 0323466578 will be entered as 323466578