The founder of this project has over 19 years of experience in the education industry in US and Pakistan. Bushra Ehsan has two masters degrees and has done several other programs from the US, UK  and Pakistan. 

Well versed in both American and British Curricula, Bushra also understands the challenges that students face in Pakistan. She has a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics and has learnt writing from London School of Journalism, Bath, UK. She also passed MSED (Masters of Science in Education) from Buffalo State University, Buffalo, NY with a GPA of 4.0. She further augmented her qualifications by pursuing a program in Graphic Design (with Interactive Media) in Connecticut.  She was awarded with a distinction and her work was showcased in the the Annual Art Show at Farmington, CT.

Bushra  has been engaged in managing multiple projects as Executive Director at Dawn Learning Center Buffalo, NY among other positions that she has held in the past. She has designed and implemented trainings for adult professionals in Buffalo, NY.  She has also been an English Language teacher for years. She was trained by an Apple Distinguished Educator at TTC Miami, Florida in Online Teaching. She has been involved in several other trainings as well including "Unplugged" conferences in Mumbai, India for Educational Technology.

Places of work in the US include:

  • Glastonbury Public Schools, Connecticut, USA

  • East Hartford Public Schools, Connecticut, USA

  • Oak Charter School, Connecticut, USA

  • State University of New York, Buffalo, New York, USA

  • MYB, Buffalo, New York, USA

  • Dawn Learning Center, Buffalo, New York, USA

  • Testimonials on internships Ms Bushra Ehsan supervised for students and companies in the US

    Places of work in Pakistan include:

  • LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan

  • BNU, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Lahore American School, Lahore, Pakistan