Writing Courses for Children

We are passionate about empowering children with language to let their words flow and paint picturesque details of their worlds only known to their minds. These writing lessons will equip children with the skills to help them write for academic needs and also to prepare them to write professionally.


writing Course

Advanced writing course covers not only creative writing, essay writing, blog writing but also poetry writing.

Writing courses are available in three levels: 

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


Instructor is well-versed in creative writing as she has studied creative sciences as a part of her Masters program from New York. She is also trained from London School of Journalism in Creative Writing.

Learning Environment:

We are open to new ideas and strategies making our creative writing classes a lively class in which fictional characters are created by children themselves. They plan and write stories according to writing strategies that work for them the best. 

We hold regular writing competitions for lots of prizes which are either showcased or published in Ray Academics publications.