Business English 

Business English course is designed for upcoming professionals who would like to improve their communication in business.  This course has been developed with consultation of many corporate people who have highlighted their communication needs. This course includes the use of Business English on an every day basis and the best choice of language for vocabulary, phrases, expressions and jargon for different aspects of business.

Some of the topics cover sales and marketing, project management, information technology (IT) and more. 

We will help you learn specialized terminology in your field as a part of business vocabulary. We also teach you how to create and deliver business presentations and also write professional emails and letters. 


+ Course Outline

The course will be composed of most or all of the following subjects, depending on the choice of course and the class needs. The professor reserves the right to add or delete subjects according to class needs.

  • Introduction Protocol & Meeting People in Business
  • The Importance of Politeness in Business – Structures and Expressions of Politeness
  • Asking Questions (Embedded Question Structure)
  • The Present perfect Tense (in the context of the job interview)
  • The Basics of Customer Service
  • Techniques to Calm an Angry Customer or coworkers
  • Powerful Presentation Skills
  • Using different presentation platforms
  • How to criticize in a Positive Way
  • Editing for Agreement in Business Writing
  • Professional Telephone Etiquette
  • Taking and Leaving Messages
  • Writing Business emails
  • Types of a Business Letter
  • Guidelines for Business Letters & Email
  • Various Idioms/Expressions/Vocabulary Related to Business
  • General Punctuation Review (Commas, Capital Letters, and other punctuation, as needed)

+ Resources

Most of the resources will be delivered online through our Learning Management System. Your instructor will further let you know if you require any resources besides your assigned online resources.