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Creative Writing Competition

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21 Bank Square Market, Model Town




Age group:

7-8 years

9-10 years

11-12 years


(Choices will be given to the child to choose from)


Creative Writing Workshop

Revising Concepts:

Session will include:

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Idea generation and brainstorming
  • Organization of writing

creative writing Competition

Followed by the workshop the participants will be given unseen topics for creative writing. They will be given a variety of choices to choose from. 

After the workshop there will be a quiet writing session. The submitted work will be assessed and the participant's writing may be chosen for Ray Academic's upcoming online publication. Ray Academics administration must be informed if they would like to participate in the competition. Prizes will be for first, second and third place.

Please note: All contestants will be given participation certificates and gifts for being a part of this event.

Entry Fee:

Rs 1000 per child

Tickets will be available upon arrival of child or payment is accepted in advance to secure the spot. Parents do not need to sit through the session. 

Seat limit: Please register online to secure your spot. Your child may be refused if we have reached our limit. 

Please note: Your child's work may be published in, "The Creatives",a monthly publication by Ray Academics. 

Registration for the Workshop & Competition:

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