Drawing and Painting - Intensive Summer Workshop

Age group: 11-14

Days: Mon-Thurs (17th June - 27th June)

Timing: 10:00am -11:30am

Our unique Summer Art Camp for kids ages 11-14 will allow your child to get familiar with Still Life, Portraiture and Self through drawing and painting - using their creative spirit to soar, while feeling confident and happy in every art class, all week long.

Charges: Rs. 12,000

Early Registration Discount: Rs 11,000

Some major materials will be provided by Ray Academics, the rest should be brought by the kids as they would want to make their own art pieces with the choice of their material.

Materials kids need to buy: Sketchpad, 2B Pencil, Watercolor Paints and Oil Pastels (affordability and availability art brands can be discussed with Art Instructor - you will be guided to your child’s artistic needs)

In this engaging and inspiring Summer art class our budding artists will:

  • Work with a wide variety of drawing techniques and refine and understand different line quality.

  • Create art with various materials, including: painting, acrylics, drawing, collage, pencil, mixed-media, and more

  • Introduction to local and international artists with practices in drawing and painting

  • Color mixing and theory

Age group: 7-11 years old

Timings: 11:45am -1:15pm

Days: Mon-Thurs (17th June - 27th June)

Charges: 11,000

Early Registration discount: Rs 10,000

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