Ray Academics is a learning center offering a wide range of programs for adults and children to develop language, creativity and artistic skills in an individual We help you focus on what you need to learn the most in Art and English Language. We offer a variety of programs according to the varying needs of individuals.  

The pedagogy of language learning courses at this center is based on a global perspective developed by a seasoned educator. This institute was initiated by an educator who has taught for more than 15 years in the US and Pakistan.  The courses are designed meticulously using unique and innovative techniques to derive optimum student performance. We integrate latest technology and software in our instruction to improve English language learning.   

Along with this, we also provide consultancy for parents to help them provide a conducive environment at home for their children who face difficulties in language learning.  We also provide learner analysis that outlines the learner differences that the student may be facing. This analysis shapes the instructional style in which the course is delivered to the students making language learning more efficient than ever.  Customized courses are also available upon diagnostic testing. 

We are offering the following English language learning programs:



Our main goal at Ray academics is to accelerate learning by creating customized courses according the needs of the learner. After testing the learner and analyzing the results, the course is individualized for the student. This saves the time of a learner considerably and in fact accelerates the learning at a much faster pace. These latest techniques help us to detect any missing concepts that may have occurred in previous learning.  We then target those areas and focus on them to improve the performance of the student. 

This is not a regular tutoring center that just offers tutoring for a period of time. We use a variety of techniques to understand learner personality and design the course and instruction accordingly.  We study the learning styles of students and help the learners improve learning through their predominant learning style. 

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Please contact us using this form here and we can get back to you. You can also call at 0302-8556771  for an appointment or consultation with our advisors.  You can also email us at info@rayacademics.com for more information.